When Your Diagnosis Isn’t About You Anymore

3 thoughts on “When Your Diagnosis Isn’t About You Anymore”

  1. I have microscopic colitis. As far as your question how long did it take to share my story. Well I have to say it took me longest to share my mental health story as that was just this year and the peak of my depression/anxiety at its worst was in the 90’s. The Celiac I started talking about last year and was dx in 2013 and the Microscopic Colitis dx was just this year. Blog is https://seekingserenityandharmony.com

    1. Oh whoa, I haven’t heard of microscopic colitis. I’m sure no matter how small the inflammation is, it must not be fun. Is it chronic? That’s amazing that you have begun to voice your mental health story. I truly believe each person should take as little or as much time as they need to share it. I hope that speaking about it has brought you hope and community 🙂

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